Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pet Peeve #32

Okay, what is the deal with women putting on their makeup in the car, while driving? I can honestly say I have never done this, unless you count the few times I have whipped out the Blistex tube, which does not require a mirror. There was a woman in front of me this morning, having at it. Lights were on, mirrors were all arranged, and as she was brushing and applying, she was creeping. Not a lot - she didn't come close to hitting anything - but still. At some point, I was finally behind her, and I was waiting for the mascara to come out; if I'd been in the other car (the paid-off one), I'd have bumped her, just a little. Mascara hurts like hell when you get it right on your eye. I don't know about you, but my house comes with not one, but two, fully-fuctional bathroom mirrors, with lights. How could it ever be better to do that in the car? I can understand being late, but either spend a couple more minutes at home (you are already late, right?), or finish up in the parking lot at work. Unless, of course, your work lot has cameras, and you don't dare let anyone know what you look like without both eyes done. Your appearance is really not worth killing people for. Oh, and you probably shouldn't take or initiate any phone calls while applying your makeup - lipstick is very hard to remove from the headliner (for those of you that talk with your hands).

KittyKitty has become quite the nosy kitty. She likes to come inside the house (she has figured out where the food comes from - huge surprise) and piss off the current residents. Booger is not happy. I could hardly get her out last night, and then, when I opened the door to let somebody else in or out, she shot right in again. I did pick her up 2-3 times yesterday, and once I was holding her pretty securely, she would purr. Gotta get her tamed so she can go live somewhere else. Of course, DH has become very attached to her already - he calls for her before he says anything to anybody else. And she scratched on my couch already; how can you be in a house for 15 minutes in your life, and just automatically know to go scratch on the couch? The big kitties don't do it (Booger can't, Zeke likes the wood chairs in the dining room, and I think Ripley's just too lazy), so I'm not sure if it's another of those signs only cats can see?

Ahhh, September. What a nice day we had yesterday, and supposed to again today. I live for September and October. Soccer games, the Fair, sunny days and cooler nights, open windows. It just depends on what is still in store for us with hurricane season. The next one to watch is Ophelia, I think? It was just named last night, according to the news this morning. Man, enough is enough. Let's find out what Katrina did before we have to deal with another one. Of course, we didn't have that chance last year, either, with those 4 back to back. And you know, I'm really tired of hearing people blaming Bush for not fixing Katrina right away; it wasn't up to him to do it, it was up to that idiot Mayor of NO, and the governors of the states affected. The state governor calls out the National Guard, not the President. It's Bush's fault the Mayor was too damn lazy to follow his own contingency plan? It was Bush's fault the governors of Louisiana and Mississippi didn't jump right on it? Hey, folks, you elected them, not Bush. And you know what else? If I go in to help people get out, and you shoot at me, well, surprise, I'm leaving your ass there, aren't I? WTF???? People kill me. Literally.

Gotta get some beads on order. I have a rough outline of what needs to go on the site, if I can just get that far (and get the whole picture thing worked out). The color samples will be my biggest issue to start - everything I've done so far is for myself, and I haven't ordered all colors, because I don't like/wear all of the colors. I plan to have examples of what is offered (my own pieces), and then will have the options and colors listed below. I will also have a gallery for the one-offs I create for myself; some I will be able to reproduce, others I may not, depending on where I got the beads and if I can get more. I'm excited about doing this, but just wish I could get past the start-up - the license cost, getting the beginning inventory started, the picture issues. I don't want to put more money and effort into it than I can get out of it, and don't really have any money to put into it to right now, anyway. Eh, it'll get there, if I can just plow through the details....

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