Friday, March 26, 2010

A Birthday, A Stitch-In, and the Sun Rising on Bradford Pears

Photos from the week, beginning with a Kid's birthday on Monday night - though his birthday was Tuesday, but as he had an away game, we didn't think he was going to be home at all until late. And then the boys' and girls' games got switched, so he 1) couldn't go to his filed trip to see the Bodies exhibit, and 2) was home early, after I'd already reserved my spot at the stitch in. Anyway, pictures from Monday were him trying to get the candles blown out before I could get the picture taken. Snotty kid:

Happy 17th, you brat :) That's his girlfriend, btw, who was as cooperative with the pictures as everyone else around here....

Then, the stitch-in, which went on while The Kid was winning his game (scoring the first goal, a header, making him the leading defensive scorer). Donna always takes pictures, so I thought I'd jump in, too, though neither of us did it until after Judy & Michelle had already left for the night. But since Joey was MIA Saturday when I was in there getting the MBT pics, I got him when I walked in Tuesday - he was laying in wait by the door, waiting for an unsuspecting stitcher to let him slide out....

This is Scooter's Dad...

We had a full house Tuesday:

That's Terrie there on the end at the right, and Donna with her back to us in the pink. Jill is there in the purple - she has a daughter due in July. In the green with her back to us, with the blue jacket on the chair, is Jackie, and she was working on one of the Patricia Allison dragons, Summer. I didn't catch the name of the lady here on this end. Across the table in the turquoise is Karen (I'm the Other Karen); she is getting married in June. Michelle, who left earlier, is her mom. Down on the end is Allison, who was a member of TheSamplerLife group, and is the one that hooked me up with the local stitching group, PINS. Also, she is a librarian at my branch :) Not pictured: Kristine, who was sick - hopefully not the same crud I had, and hopefully better for our PINS get together tomorrow :)

And lastly, I was early this morning (a.k.a. on time for a change), and got into the parking lot at work as the sun was peaking over the horizon, but under the thick clouds that were supposed to BE GONE. The sun lit up the Bradford pears that line the street, my view as I walk out to my car in the spring :)

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