Monday, March 22, 2010

Just When I Thought It Was Warmer...

... there were flurries here this morning! Winter does NOT want to let go :( But, back to 70s tomorrow or Wednesday, I think I saw :) At least it wasn't nearly cold enough to damage anything - being 70 Saturday, it shouldn't get that cold again.

You have probably already seen my post/album on the My Big Toe trunk show - I meant to get pictures sooner, but having been sick and not making it to Tuesday stitch in for 3 weeks (?) now, delayed that. But I went in Saturday just for that - the models are so pretty, my pictures are okay, but you really can't see how pretty they really are. And JBW Designs is coming in after MBT - I can't wait for those to get here! I may have to stay away the whole month; those little charts are deceptive, and next thing I know, I have 5 in my hand (or two, anyway, Saturday, when I picked up French Country Dog and the new Papillon).

On to the week's stitching. I started out working on my current RR piece, Lyne's AAFG, on Monday night, while watching TV. And about 10 minutes into the Jack Bauer Power Hour, I saw that 96% of what I'd just put in was off - so I took it all back out again, and put most of it back. Then it was bedtime :( I didn't get back to it until yesterday, but finished putting back what I'd frogged, and got a couple of birds added:

The vine along the top there, and the blue bird & brown bird are what I've done to date. Wow, what a lot of colors I've used already! I had to reorganize the threads, breaking them down into 4 more-manageable sets, so I could find anything.

My main project this week was EGS, and again, I didn't work on it but 4 days, maybe? Maybe 5 - I can't remember if I worked on 2 things on one of those days or not... Anyway, just couldn't get into the groove again - I made a huge mistake with the chart when I was working on an earlier part, and taped pages together - but the tape I currently have won't hold highlighter for more than a day, so everything I'd marked off previously was gone or indistinct, so I had to spend a good bit of time finding points of reference, so I could fill in what was supposed to filled in, and leave blanks where there are supposed to be blanks. But I got most of the problem areas out of the way. If I can just get the middle-left column done, so I can get that backstitch in there - though, to be honest, half the bs I have done is all but unnoticeable, which is odd for a TW. Anyway, here it is:

I wasn't in the mood for this a couple of nights, so I worked on Mary Wigham for a bit, too, doing another edge motif and a small initial section. I got up at one point to stretch/move around, leaving my BeGuilted on the project like I normally do, and that damn DumbChuck got hold of it. I came back out to start again, to see sections of my floss in the blanket, under the dummy; I dug it out, and came up 3 sections short (1 1/2 yards). I have no idea if he ate it, or if I just haven't found it yet - I tore the couch apart, shook the blankets out, went & looked in the mirror to make sure it wasn't stuck to me somewhere - nowhere. He had a really guilty look on his face, and he loves to shred fabric, so who knows? Stupid dog. This is where I left off - Part 1 is now completed, and pieces & parts of 2 & 4:

The left-edge motif is BeSmurfed & BeGuilted. The little green & red initial box are the same colors the carnation is - BeRedded & BeFrogged. I love this project - that linen really is wonderful stuff - I highly recommend the French Country!

And lastly, since I had to run into the Stitch Store to take those pics of the MBT, I thought I'd pick up the small piece of gingham needed for that small that Laura RAK'd me with - there was a sale, so what better? And, since I had to rush home from the shop to leave for a game, I took the project with me, and got a start on it while waiting for the game to start:

I can't remember what this was charted for - either Crescent Colors or GAST. Well, I'm doing it in DMC, but I did flip through my Carrie's silk LEs, and picked this blue for the letters - LE Blue Jeans. Carrie's silk feels a lot like Vikki's - it's very nice to work with, but I don;t think it is colorfast, either, like her cottons. Anyway, this is a cute little project, and having the gingham pattern makes the counting easier - the chart is laid out in 12 x 12s, to match the fabric. Hopefully it'll be a quick finish - I may take it to the Stitch In this week, but may not be able to see the over-1 at night. We'll see.

That's the highlights for the week; I think being sick helped me over the hump of the adjustment to DST - when your sleep is already screwed up because you can't breathe and are taking cold drugs, what's a little more screwy? We'll see if I'm dragging this week. This week, I work on Knotgarden again - time for another gate to appear, the top one I guess, since it's already started. Maybe the final green corner next time? And we'll see what else screams at me. I have my PINS group on Saturday, so I have to think what to take then, too - I know I can't see the over-1 where we meet, so one of my other pieces - Summer Day or Imagine, probably, or one of Lyne's pieces... Until next week, Happy Stitching, everyone!


loretta said...

Your stitching progress looks great! I really like the sampler.

Weather - urgh! It was cold yesterday, it's warm today, tomorrow it will probably be cold again. I need to stop looking out the window LOL

Cathy said...

Beautiful progress. I am always amazed at how much you get done with all of your other activities.