Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Big Toe Trunk Show

The Stitch Store is currently hosting the My Big Toe trunk show, and I just had to take pictures to show you the models!! Having no particular religious affiliations, some of the verse & sentiments on some of the MBT pieces aren't really my thing, but the way they put samplers together is really very pretty - and they seem to use my palette :)

A lot of the big pieces were done over-1 for these models - I was really expecting some BIG pieces. The Faith there in the middle is done over-1 on at least 40 count, maybe 45!

I love the way they did this one - they did just a corner of the Namesake Sampler; isn't this cool?

Here's just part of the selection of the MBT charts that Terrie has available - there's another half to this counter and more pictures of the models here (not posting them all here, because, well, the way Multiply has been lately, I'm already pushing my luck :) ).

And lastly, Scooter :) He was bored, tired of strangers pestering him, and certainly was not going to let me take his picture willingly...

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