Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Spring RAK

When I did my pictorial tour of The Stitch Store's Grand Opening, I took a picture of a particular model that I really liked:

Laura had commented that she had a copy she'd be willing to part with, so I said, Sure (yeah, I know it's a winter-themed cart - but it's so cute!). Well, it arrived the other day, and she also threw in a gorgeous piece of the PTP purple fabric like she's using on Boo! :

And check out the card:

Heehee! Thank you, Laura, and Katie with her idea that I could probably do Boo! again, over-1! Well, I'm not quite that ambitious, but I did ask Terrie at the Stitch Store to order me 3 sets of the Boo! buttons - a couple of smaller sections would certainly not kill me :) I expect I'll get a piece of that gingham linen when I get the buttons - I know Terrie has some :)

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