Monday, March 08, 2010

A Week of Extremes - Welcome to March in GA

So, since last week's update, we had snow again and today, we are supposed to reach nearly 70. The kids had school called for 2 days last week (black ice the 2nd day, up in the more northern/mountainous areas of our county), and the Tuesday night stitch in was canceled, as Terrie closed the shop early and went home; she dislikes snow even more than me, I think :) I, on the other hand, worked all week, covering my boss (on vacation) and QA (in FL for a family thing). I need a couple of vacation days myself now; maybe next week...

We also had 3 games in 24 hours - high school at 7:30 Friday night (win), Little Kid's opening weekend club game at noon Saturday (tie), and then another hs game at 5:00 Saturday (loss, after being tied 0-0 through OT, losing by 1 damn PK in the 2nd sudden death shootout - after we dominated the whole game, but couldn't get a shot in!). I, the perpetual ice cube, froze at both hs games, even though the Saturday one started out somewhere in the 50s - but that breeze was COLD. We are supposed to be in the 60s all week here, finally, back where we are supposed to be this time of year. Tomorrow's hs game is really far away, so I'll be going to stitch in instead, and DH & LK will be going to practice. Friday is a home game - I'll go to that; I haven't been to a game in our new stadium yet, though we did walk the dogs all around it yesterday :)
On to the stitching...

I did a couple of small motifs on Mary Wigham this week - I had a few minutes between getting-home-chores and starting dinner, but not long enough to get the big thing out, and it was to hand, so I picked it up on 2 nights, and did a bit, including using Vikki's BeLaced, which is about the same color as my fabric :) I am going to have to use this color again, on something like a chocolate brown or something kind of grey-brown, dark. It's ecru and what looks like about 642. Here is the overall pic:

There is a picture cropped down to give you a better look at that BeLaced motif here.

This week, I also had a banner week on lady & Unicorn, due to a large area of the same symbol!!! I've been waiting for one of those on here :) The area was several hundred stitches, so I got it done between Monday & Wednesday, then spent the rest of the week, working on filling in the remaining confetti - which was considerably slower :)I have the current page about 2/3 done, maybe a bit more - it's hard to tell, with the scattering I have. Down that left side, it is just such a mish-mash - all confetti, and dark stuff, too, which is in many places hard to distinguish one dark blend from another. BUT, on the next page, I actually get to the Lady herself, so I am looking forward to that :) Here is what my chart looked like last night - the pink highlight is all that I did this past week (except a smattering along the top that is carryover from the page above it):

I think I did somewhere between 1000-1500 stitches, all told -and you can see a new critter forming there on the right - no idea, even looking at the finished picture, what it is, though; something fox-like. Here is a picture of the actual stitching, and then the overall is here:

I feel pleased with this week's accomplishment - it's good to get into a groove on this thing! It would be good to get another page done as I approach the 4th anniversary in June :) I think I can!

And that's all I worked on this week! My next RR piece isn't here yet, and I had planned to pick up Lyne's piece, but just couldn't fit it in, not when I was rolling along on L&U. This week, I am back to MTM - I can't wait to get that out tonight!! I should be able to knock out the rest of the right-side town easily, having got a little jump on it last time it was out, when I finished up the Jessica windows after my update :) I don't know what I am taking to stitch in tomorrow - maybe Lyne's piece, and/or keep working on JE Imagine. I need to remember to take my camera tomorrow, too, and take pictures of the My Big Toe trunk show - you ought to see all the over-1 projects in it! Until next week, Happy Stitching everyone!!!


Terri said...

Wonderful stitching. I hope the weather gets better there soon

too_busy_to_stitch said...

70?? Can't imagine that at the moment here in the UK, lol! Love the progress you're making.

Cathy said...

Great progress.