Monday, March 29, 2010

End of March, Already??? An Update

Well, another month flown by. The boys are on spring break next week, and I am, too, on Monday & Tuesday - I can't wait!! Birthdays are over, until fall. Now, if I can just get the taxes done & paid, we could concentrate on other things - like how much we are going to have to lay out for the Kid to go to Prom :( He seriously needs a job - I don't know how he'd fit it in, but he's going to have to.... Oh, and school stuff, like getting in to take the ACT and things like that.Booger's birthday would have been Thursday. I was around the side of the house on Friday with Lucy, where we have all the critters buried. When we buried Booger last year, I put a violet on him. Friday, I was surprised to see this huge plant, all in bloom, over Booger - it's the only violet we have like that right now - way too early for the rest of them. I plan to pull a couple of blooms off of Booger's violet and press them, to keep.

As Tuesday was the 23rd, when I would have been working on something in memory of Lori (like Noah's Sub), I was at the stitch in. So I decided to wait until this weekend to do that, and then Booger's birthday went past, so instead of Noah, I decided to work on Chat Noir Saturday and Sunday. I got a few hundred stitches in, almost all yellow, so you can't really see a lot of difference - except there's now another whisker started :)

I also worked a little bit on Lyne's AAFG, but it was only a couple of small bits, so not really picture-worthy. That was on Monday, after I got done running the Birthday kid to the bookstore to buy his presents, and doing the cake & dinner. At Tuesday's stitch in, I worked on Winter Gingham, and worked on during the week at lunch and Friday night after the game - and finished it at 12:30 Friday night!!! I was a little hyped up from the game - we beat the crap out of the other team, but the reffing was absolutely horrible, and they gave them 2 PKs that they shouldn't have (as well as handing out yellow cards like they were Ritalin), causing us to lose on the scoreboard. It was awful - but the Kid played great; they all did, and should have won 5-1, instead of losing 1-3. Just awful. But I was awake enough to want to stay up and finish the snowman, so I did :)

I need to locate a couple more of these Gingham pieces - I love Autumn Gingham and Pumpkin Gingham (of course I do). I probably even have Carrie's silks to sub in for those, too :) It was a fun little project. Now, to frame it, make a flat fold, or something else???

Well, with all this already done, needless to say, I didn't get a lot done on Knotgarden, which was supposed to be the main focus for the week. I put Chat away last night so I could do a little more, but I could easily have kept on with Chat. Maybe a bit more this week - we'll see. Anyway, I literally did very little on Knotgarden - finished the two topiary that needed finishing from last time, and got a start on the black gate.

Definitely not the banner week I'd been hoping for. I can't believe I might get MTM done before this one! Secret Victorian & Tuscany are literally screaming at me every time I get near the file cabinet! Oh well, ought to have less going on the next time this comes out :)

Lastly, we had our monthly meeting of PINS, the local stitching group. I was going to take some pictures, but it was too crowded to get up and move around, so I didn't. I didn't know what to take, so I just went with what's been hanging out in the travel bag, JE Imagine & DD Purrfect Summer Day. Imagine was already in the Qs, so that's what I worked on. It's close to being done, too. If I do any at lunch this week, I might be beading by Friday.

This week, I get out AD Samplar 4 Saisons, and work on tree, enough to work over to the next color, for Summer, I hope. I also need to work on Lyne's pieces. I don't know if I am going to go to the stitch in tomorrow - away game, but one we have gone to before; but since I have next Tuesday off, I'm going to the day one that day, maybe the night one, too, if I think I can stand more stitching :) That's the news from here. Happy stitching this week to everyone, and keep an eye for that bunny rabbit bearing chocolate :)


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely stitching - I'm tempted to try that stitching on gingham - not something I've seen before!

Cathy said...

Great progress. Your Knotgarden inspired me to order the pattern. It just came today. Now I need to get brave and start it.