Monday, March 15, 2010

DST - An Early Update

Happy Spring - getting up in the dark again means spring, right? Whatever - time changes should be abolished. Of all the things we feel the need to alter, I am not sure why a clock is one of them; isn't Leap Year enough? Meh, whatever...

I'm ringing in the time change with a horrible cold. I had to go pick up the Big Kid from school on Monday; he had that vertigo thing that I had a couple of times last year, though was feeling better by Monday night. But then I got it again, as I was laying in bed, reading my book Monday night, and woke up with the room spinning Tuesday. After I got DH to stay home to get the boys out of bed, I dove back under the blankets, and woke up late that afternoon, wiped out but with the room mostly stationary again. How many time do I get to have that particular virus before I build up a little immunity to it??? I knew we'd pick up something in the doctor's office a couple a weeks ago - I had no idea it'd be that crud again. So by Wednesday, I was kind of back to normal, but by Friday, it had morphed into a head & chest cold that is currently kicking my butt. So this update is brought to you by the maker's of Vick's VapoRub, Hall's Cough Drops (cherry flavored, of course), Bigelow Tea (with honey - orange blossom honey, not clover) and Benadryl. And to listen to the hacking around the hallways today, it seems to be a company thing. Great....

As for stitching for the week, I only worked on one project all week - MTM. I got the right-side town done, and got a start on the upside-down town! If I had felt better, I would have gotten a lot more done, I think! I didn't work on it at all Friday night, after I came home from the HS game that I volunteered to work the gate, soaked to the skin from the thunderstorms passing through (someday, I will learn about volunteering). Here is the overall:

And then the lower right corner that I worked on this time:

As usual, after posting my pictures, I see a bit of bs that I need to go put in, before I forget - I added some that wasn't charted, and had the other end rolled up under my clamp, so didn't see it to remind myself I had added it. I'll get that back out & add that as soon as I get home, before I get out this week's project, EGS.

As well as EGS, I plan to work on Lyne's RR this week. I probably am not going to the stitch in tomorrow night - I don't want to share this cold with anyone I don't have to (unless that's where I got it, dammit). I would like to take a Monday & Tuesday off in the next few weeks, and then attend the daytime stitch in, just for a change of pace, and because I need a couple of days off that I am NOT sick and don't have anyone sick that I have to cart around or wait on hand & foot :) Who knows what will happen between now & this time next week? Check back next week and see :) Happy Stitching!


Terri said...

As always Karen your stitching is beautiful :)

Bigelow Tea Blog said...

Hope you're feeling better! A nice, hot mug of Bigelow tea always helps.
-Deb for Bigelow Tea